Holistic Nutrition and Body Fat Reduction

Following a diet that conforms to holistic nutrition is the optimal way to achieve harmony and lose weight. It also allows you to detox in a way that is very gentle. The main alteration you need to make to your holistic nutrition eating plan to lose weight is to keep it low carb and high protein. You can do this by simply cutting out grains. By changing your daily eating plan as follows, you are converting to a holistic nutrition regimen that also conforms to the Ayurveda medical system.

Start every day with a glass of warm water. This strengthens your stomach and helps eliminate toxins from your body. Eat your last meal four hours before going to bed. Get rid of everything in your kitchen that is not fresh and organic. You will want to get rid of frozen dinners, processed foods and meats, junk food, fried foods and sugary juices.

It is fine to eat both poultry and red meat but only from naturally raised animals. 

Fish is another great source of protein, DHA fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals. To make sure the fish is organic and free from toxins, choose wild caught fish. You should aim to eat fish several times a week.

Beans and legumes are both great sources of fiber and protein. They take longer to digest, so you will feel full and satiated longer. Soak beans and rinse before cooking according to your recipe.

You should have two servings a day of green leafy vegetables, cabbage or salad greens.

All of the food groups mentioned here are allowed as well as other fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar and starch. To keep this eating plan low carb when trying to lose fat, dates, mangos, potatoes and corn are not recommended. A few of the most highly recommended foods on this type of diet are avocados, asparagus and apples. Our Personal Trainer Amsterdam Team will guide you on the way to a healthy nutrition if you are looking for support.

Low-fat yogurt is fine as are other fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi. 

Dairy products are allowed; however, they should be organic and low in fat or fat free. 

Limit fats to extra virgin olive oil, which you use as a finish or a dressing. Try to cook foods without oil by baking, grilling, roasting boiling or steaming them. If you have to use oil for cooking, use coconut oil or ghee. 

You are also encouraged to eat your favorite nuts as they are a high protein food. Just a few at a time or a small handful a day is fine. Almonds are highly recommended. It’s best to eat them raw. Soak them for a while before eating to soften them and to benefit from all the nutrition that they have to offer. 

Try not to eat leftovers. The nutritional value of food decreases over time.

Condiments and Extras

To prevent cravings chamomile tea and flax seeds and oil can help. 

The most recommended herbs are freshly grated or powdered ginger, lemons and Tulsi tea. This tea is common in Ayurveda to detox the lungs and strengthen the immune system.

As much as possible try to avoid the pharmacy. For headaches, make a paste of ginger powder and lemon juice, and apply to the forehead.

For joint pain, common when beginning such a diet, make a paste of ginger and water and apply to affected areas.

If you find it difficult to fall to sleep, smell warm salt water and lubricate nostrils with ghee.

Stress can prevent you from losing weight. Combat stress with essential oils of sandalwood and lavender as well as sesame oil. Smell them, add them to your shampoo and conditioner and body and hand moisturizer.

Boost energy to speed up your metabolism by slowing down. Consider reducing the amount of sex you have as too much can be stressful on the organs. Surprisingly, prayer, meditation and yoga have a way of boosting your energy.


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